Special Student Legislation

To become a special student in ITU:

Applicants who wish to take courses in ITU as a special student must submit the following documents to the Student Affairs Office of ITU. The deadline for applications is the end of the registration period, announced on http://www.fbe.itu.edu.tr at least one month earlier.

1. The special student application form, filled out, and with required signatures.

2. A letter of approval from the instructors of the course/s.

3. In case the special student applicant is attending another university,.a letter of approval from

the university.

4. Bank receipt of fees paid for each course to be taken.

5. In case the course/s to be taken are in English, an English proficiency exam result.

English proficiency grades accepted by ITU are as follows:

Exam Grade
TOEFL (Paperbased) 523
TOEFL (Computerbased) 183
TOEFL (Englishbased) 70
ÜDS(Held in Turkey) 65
KPDS(Held in Turkey) 65

At the end of this procedure, the student is registered as a special student in ITU, by the Student Affairs Office. Following the registration, special students are given a “visiting student” ID number, and may have the taken courses and grades documented.


CLAUSE 16. A special student is an attendee or gradute of an institute of higher education, or an individual to demanding to improve his/her knowledge on a specific subject.

a) Application of a special student for postgradeate courses is accepted after the consent of Head of Department, instructor of the course, Head of Institute, and Executive Board of Institute.

b) The special student status is independent from an education period.limit In case more courses will be taken, registration as a special student may be refreshed for more than one term.In case courses in English are taken, the special student must submit an English proficiency result. However, a special student cannot carry out thesis research in the host university.

c) Courses taken by special students are subject to a fee determined by Executive Board of University each year.

d) The status of special student does not grant a warranty for registration as an attendee to a postgraduate programme in Istanbul Technical University. A special student may benefit from academical facilities, but not from warranties.of ITU students

e) A special student is subject to the Istanbul Technical University PostGraduate Education Legislations and Senate Principles. The special student is given a documentation of grades at the end of the semester in ITU.