Postgraduate Admissions

Information on graduate programs in the Graduate School and admission conditions of these programs for earlier semesters can be found on programs page.


  1. Admissions are carried by Registrar's Office and all announcements are primarily made on Registrar's Office website. The graduate school website also makes an announcement when admissions are open.
  2. Postgraduate admissions are open two times in a year as stated in Academic Calendar.
  3. Applications are made online on the Registrar's Office's system by uploading required documents. The documents cannot be delivered in-person or in mail.
  4. Candidates with Turkish citizenship are interviewed by the department they applied to. Candidates with foreign nationality are not interviewed. However, departments can request interview for foreign students as well.


  1. Postgraduate application page is activated during the application dates as stated in Academic Calendar. Uploading the required documents is sufficient and no need of delivery of phsyical copies in the application process.
  2. Minimum GPA for candidates who want to apply to PhD with BS degree is 3.00. This might be higher for specific programs.
  3. ALES/GRE requirement depends on the department. Some non-thesis MSc programs might not require ALES/GRE. ALES/GRE score must be obtained in the last 5 years. Those who graduated from MSc one year ago or less can use their same ALES/GRE score for PhD application regardless of the date of the exam.
  4. Applications can be made with either ALES or GRE, regardless of the candidate nationality. Click here for ALES-GRE equivalence table.
  5. Required documents are;
    1. Transcripts of all undergraduate and graduate programs from that the candidate graduated/about to graduate
    2. Either ALES or GRE result document
    3. English proficiency exam result document
      • Acceptable exams are listed here.
    4. Statement of Purpose
      • This includes the candidate's expectations and the areas they wish to work on.
    5. Two letters of recommendation
      • Links for recommendation forms will be sent to the e-mail addresses of the references during the application process.
      • At least one must be from a university professor with that the candidate have studied.
    6. For PhD student candidates, additional one reference letter from the advisor that the candidate plans to work with in ITU.
    7.  Curriculum Vitae


English proficiency exams that are acceptable by ITU are listed here.

  1. Master's Degree students who are accepted but could not deliver an English proficiency are given 1 year to obtain a proficiency. In this period, they cannot register to any course. Students study for the English exam and obtain proficiency by themselves. Those who cannot deliver a sufficient English proficiency in 1 year are dismissed from the university.
  2. PhD students who are accepted but could not deliver an English proficiency during the application period are expected to submit one in the registration. Those who cannot deliver a sufficient English proficiency in the registration are dismissed from the university.
  3. Candidates who has a nationality of a country which has English as an official language and has a diploma that shows they graduated from a high school, undergraduate or MSc in such a country are not required to supply English proficiency.


Foreign students who got admission are required to deliver following documents in registration:

  1. Photocopy of passport
  2. Residence permit
  3. Original copy of diploma (and diploma equivalence from YÖK [Council of Higher Education] for foreign universities)
  4. Original copy of undergraduate transcript
  5. Original copy of graduate transcript for PhD students
  6. Original copy of ALES/GRE result
  7. Original copy of English proficiency exam result
  8. Receipt of tuition fee payment
  9. Blood type card

Required documents must be delivered on registration days to Registrar's Office in Ayazağa Campus in-person. Deliveries in mail or on electronic media are not accepted. Please note that the schedule is especially tight for Spring semester. Registration days are generally the following two days of the announcement day, which makes the situation harder for candidates outside of Turkey. Please check academic calendar beforehand.

Due to Covid-19 pandemic, registrations for 2020-2019 Fall Semester will be made online. Accepted students will upload required documents and are not required to come in-person.


Important Note: The Graduate School of Science, Technology and Engineering does not make comment on your academic background or questions on your research area. If you have questions specific to your field, please contact with the department that you plan to apply. You can direct these questions to the coordinator of the program, which can be found on the programs page. You will also be in contact with your department for academic issues during your education. The graduate school will only be contacted for the studentship issues.

Q: Can I finish my graduate education by taking only English courses?

A: It's possible to complete graduate programs with English courses only

Q: How much is tuition fee?

A: Tuition fee is decided by Registrar's Office. English webpage is here. The tuition fee for foreign national students for 2010-2021 Academic Year was stated here as 835 Turkish Lira per semester.

Q: Is there any kind of scholarships for graduate students?

A: Istanbul Technical University does not provide any financial scholarship to graduate students, regardless of nationality. However you can ask to the professor that you plan to work with if there is any position in a possible paid project.

Q: Regarding the GRE Exam, is it General GRE Exam or Subject GRE Exam?

A: ITU requires Quantitative section of General GRE exam.

Q: I wish to apply for more than one program. Should I bring attested copies of transcripts to each program; or is it enough to bring just one attested copy of transcripts for 1 MSc major and identical copies for the others?

A: One of them must be original, the other ones can be attested. Please note that documents will be delivered to the Registrar's Office, not to the departments.

Q: I am too late to apply for this term, is there any possibility for apply now for it?

A: It’s not possible. Registrar's Office has already closed the application system and there is no other way for application.